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Music Certificates

Melody Music Certificates are unique in that they provide total freedom for teachers to send an individual agenda for each pupil. Several pupils, for example, may do Melody Music Certificate level 1 stage 1, and yet what each pupil actually does will display a wide range of ability. Comparisons between pupils will not be made. The progress documented from one stage to another will vary from pupil to pupil according to their ability and will enable pupils to enjoy the experience of doing the test, and also be a means of recording progress.


Teachers are invited to down load and use this Award scheme with their own pupils. .


Teachers can use the assessment by conducting the tests themselves in their own studios or create an feeling of occasion by holding them elsewhere and inviting a colleague to conduct the assessments.


There are five different levels to Melody Music Certificate Level 1, after which some pupils may like to consider doing an Associated Board Performance Assessment before embarking on Melody Music Award level 2.


Within the prescribed parameters of Technical, Tune and Improvisation, teachers are given the freedom to set their own agenda to suit the needs and requirements of each individual pupil.




The assessment will be done by a music teacher who is aware of the additional support needed by those with learning disabilities.


The student will come out of the assessment with a certificate and a report form.


The report form will contain details of what has been assessed and will therefore be a means of recording progress as each assessment is done. It will make suggestions for improvement and further development.

There are three areas of assessment:


Technical - Scale or five finger work


Piece of music - Tune learned by rote or from notation


Improvisation - Creative imagination and self expression




This can be scales, exercises or any five finger tune which is used on a daily basis as a technical exercise.


Piece of Music:

This will be whatever the pupil is working on at the time of the test. It can be learned by rote, notation or any other way by which the pupil finds it easy to access the tune.



This shows the pupil's ability to explore their instrument creatively as a means of self expression. There are some examples of improvisatory ideas on this website.