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Online Articles

'Melody Makers'

Written by Diana Hinds, this article appeared in the TES Newspaper Magazine on 20/4/2004. The piece discusses the teaching provided to pupils with Down's Syndrome by Melody's founder Rosie Cross, and gives details of the developments of some of her pupils.






'Rosie creates a special melody'

This article first appeared in the Birmingham Post on 02/02/2004. It was written by Emma Pinch, and it highlights how Rosie Cross began to develop effective teaching methods for pupils with Down's Syndrome.






'Teaching children with Down Syndrome to play the piano'

Written by Rosie Cross, this article is from Volume 3 Issue 2 of 'Down Syndrome News and Update'. It first appeared in this publication in the 2003 September edition, and is a personal account of how our founder came to start teaching pupils with Down Syndrome.